Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Musings on a third child...

So, I've been thinking alot about the whole third child thing, and whether or not its a good idea. Those of you who had one of each (boy and girl) and then decided to have a third- I'd be interested to know what your motivation behind having your third one was (besides OOPS!!! A little too much vino?)
If you've been reading us, then you may recall that I have a 6 (soon to be 7) y/o daughter and a newly one year old son. I enjoy them both and we have a really nice balance. I'm wondering how hard throwing a third child into the mix would be. Whenever I voice this to friends I get the same "well- she will be big enough to help!". No..that's not her job. While I do appreciate the occasional diape
r fetching or bottle finding- raising younger siblings is not in her job description. We aren't the Duggar family where the older girls are required to raise the little ones. My daughter also claims that "if she gets a sister" she wants to share a bedroom with her. Now, we have 5 bedrooms so technically, all 3 of them could have their own rooms. The "sharing" thing may be cool for now but- is 13 year old her going to pitch a fit about her 6 year old "baby sister" messing with
her Teen Beat magazines? There's just soo many questions. I wish I had a crystal ball. Did I mention I'm already pregnant and don't have much of a choice about all this? :)


Baby Boberg & Parents said...

Congratulations! Yeah, you totally don't have a choice anymore. Don't worry about how it will all go until later. Now just enjoy the fact that a cute little peanut is in your belly! :)

Anonymous said...

Everything changes with the 3rd one. I love all 3 of my little ones with all my heart, however, going from 1 to 2 was easy...from 2 to 3 was not so easy at all. Little things you don't think about..we can never sit at a booth in a restaurant, there is no room in the car to separate the ones that are arguing. No room to transport a friend with them when going somewhere. When you buy stuff its always in even numbers, so you always have to buy more than you need cause you have an odd number of kids. I know some of this might sound silly, however its an everyday thing that happens with 3. I wouldn't change it for anything cause my children are a blessing like none other. However, there is a BIG difference lol :)