Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Baby Within

Not only am I Nanny Deprived but I've become uterus deprived as well. The baby within my womb is already complaining, whining, and causing me bodily harm. Not only three months conceived and it's turning into another of my offspring, tantrums and all.

I can feel it in there jumping up and down on my bladder laughing at the discomfort it causes. I like to picture it blinking it's eyes and nodding it's head like on "I Dream of Jeanie" and shooting waves of nausea up at me. Whatever it's doing, it's causing nausea and extreme fatigue which is totally different than my other pregnancies. This has me wondering...has this baby already figured out my weaknesses? Does it know how to overtake me already? Should I change my defense tactics for this one? Is it going to be the worst of my children?

While at the Dr., I was hoping to see a beady eyed little monster on the sonogram picture which would explain everything. Instead it was just a little grape sized blob, waving it's helpless little arm buds. It didn't look to scary but it still has me a bit scared. And the worst part is I have 30 weeks left to wonder about this kid and what it's plotting in there. At least it's good to know it will get along with it's siblings well who are also out to get me.


Cakies said...

Somehow our kids know the exactly how to get us! This post is so cute, I can't wait to have a third, but this reminds me that i really can wait!

polkadot papoose said...

You crack me up =) Keep these entries coming!